A separation is an emotionally trying time for everyone involved. The financial realities associated with new home ownership after a separation can be just as frustrating. As a Separation Mortgage Expert, John specializes in helping people overcome the obstacles they will encounter and will make this process as seamless as possible.


It is important to know that lenders and banks each have different lending preferences, penalties and fine print. As an experienced separations mortgage specialist, John uses a collaborative approach with clients so they understand the fine print of with each mortgage product available to them. He will present a variety of options to clients, and work with them to decide on the best products for their needs, based on qualification.

What to Consider

Once your separation agreement has been finalized, some action now will need to be taken in order to set you on the path to individual ownership. The main questions that need to be addressed are, 1) will you be buying a new property, or 2) staying in the home you formerly owned with your partner.

In the event of a new purchase, here are a few issues to consider:

  • Will you be keeping or selling the existing family residence?
  • What can you afford relative to your current financial situation?
  • Will one of you be remaining on title to the former family residence (should either of you keep the existing residence)?
  • How will you secure a down payment for the new property?

If you are staying in the former family residence and need to refinance, here are a few areas issues to consider:

  • Can the equity in the property be used to consolidate joint debts?
  • Will one party be paying a portion of any equity to the other party?


A traditional refinance would limit the access to the equity in a property to 80% of its value. John has the ability to work with you and free up to 95% of the equity in your home, all while maintaining best rates.

  • Refinance a home and increase the amortization to 35 years, allowing a single income earner to have increased affordability and cash flow.
  • We allow clients to deduct support payments from income which provides an outstanding application
  • Equity and non-income financing 

How Does Someone Who Pays Monthly Support to a Spouse Afford a Mortgage?

Imagine how difficult it would be to qualify for a traditional mortgage when you have to pay a support payment on a monthly basis. Did you know only a handful of lenders will allow a client to deduct the payment from their gross income to allow the mortgage candidate to actually qualify? John has helped countless clients use this strategy to afford their homes and to assist them in promoting a positive monthly cash flow

Ensuring You Always Have the Best Rate

Recently, we have created proprietary software that tracks clients’ mortgages and will instantly notify them if another lender/bank is offering a savings opportunity. Clients will no longer be overpaying for a mortgage again. 365 days a year, your mortgage will be gauged against every lender in Canada, inclusive of penalties, to provide a true savings opportunity. Clients also receive email newsletters and other direct mail correspondence to keep them up to date on Toronto real estate, mortgages, insurance and property value information.

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